About Alasdair

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My name is Alasdair Ibbotson, and I’m the Green Party candidate for Alyn and Deeside. I’ve lived in Penyffordd all my life, and went to school in Penymynydd and then Castell Alun High School. I’m currently a politics student, and at 20 years old, the youngest candidate on the ballot paper for local voters. My generation seems likely to be the first to be worse off than their parents according to the Deputy Chair of the Labour Party no less, and given the impending pensions crisis, the A&E crisis and rising foodbank usage it’s terrifying to think that we’re still going downhill. The decisions that the next MP for Alyn and Deeside makes will affect me for decades to come, so I desperately want them to be the right ones. I’m a passionate activist, and a member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament‘s National Council.


One thought on “About Alasdair”

  1. Okay…so what would you change for Deeside? Are there big plans to bring back business?
    You also mentioned more council housing, so who would be at the top of the housing waiting lists under a Green council?

    Do you have enough life experience to be an MP? Usually we see candidates in their 50s and 60s with years of experience and thoughts. I don’t think Wales has ever had a candidate in their early 20s before. What new things can you bring to the table? Did the Green Party elect you to be candidate or did you elect yourself? Was there any competition against other people to be a Green candidate for Alyn and Deeside?


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